$6,975 each

by artist 

These artworks are an ensemble of six delicate, limited edition bronze statuettes, the Italian artist Raffaella Benetti. Rafaella masterfully renders the Thought of man. Each figurine holds in their hands a different object representing aspects related to the concept of thinking. Therefore, one holds a big question mark, another a red flower, a third figurine holds up a small tree, the fourth a heart and the last two a clock and an open book. While beautiful on display as a mystical, solemn group, each Thought figurine can stand by itself without losing any of its enchanting aura.

These bronze sculptures carry a remarkable patina. They are the result of an extensive study carried out by Raffaella Benetti in collaboration with the Italian bronze foundry where her sculptures are artisanally manufactured. This touch contributes to the value and personality of her work.

12 x 15 x 167 cm

Available in store at our Melbourne Showroom 03 9576 3022