Onfalos by Atelier Bellini Studio

From $6,990.00

The Atelier Bellini Studio whose founder, Mario Bellini, is both architect and designer of worldwide fame has designed Onfalós. Thanks to the intuition and the creative outburst of the Bellini studio, Onfalós has an elegant, simple design which is at the same time expressive and exciting like a work of art.

The secret to the Onfalos hides into the plate, from 12 mm to 15 mm thick according to the model, made of S355 steel (one of the best conductors of heating) and treated with hard chromium. A real thermal flywheel able to quickly heat the food, with a limited irradiation outward. The burners together with the substantial thickness of the plate make the cooking surface an effective thermal driving force able to maintain the temperature, without the risk of sudden cooling after coming into contact with the food. The smoothness of the plate, (coarseness less than 0.1 micron) along with the chromium plating (chromium average thickness: 50-micron), means less adhesion of food, making it easy to clean and allowing for a “short memory”, that is the ability to “forget” the taste of the previously cooked dishes, without the lingering of an inconvenient aftertaste: no more steaks that taste like salmon! 

The Onfalos is also completely mobile with sturdy, lockable caster wheel assembly which allows it to be easily moved to the end of a dining table or out by the pool. Run on a conventional gas bottle.

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