Onfalos by Atelier Bellini Studio

Small : $8,075 BBQ 

(PETALS $425 / LID $300)

Medium : $9,950 BBQ 

(PETALS $475 / LID $375)

Large : $14,150 BBQ 

(PETALS $500 / LID $525)

A versatile, clean, mobile cooking experience designed by world famous Italian designer and founder of the Atelier Bellini Studio, Mario Bellini. 

The cook top draws on aerospace technology with it's hard chromium coated S355 stainless steel reflective circular plate. This technology reduces food adhesion, which makes it incredibly easy to clean/maintain and also eliminates any memory of previously cooked meals… no more steak that tastes like salmon!

Onfalos is in a class of its own when it comes to heat distribution however has limited radiating heat which makes it conducive to intimate group entertaining. 

For more details on this product contact us on (02) 9310 7400 or emailoutdoor@parterre.com.au

For more details on this product contact us on (02) 9310 7400 or email waterloo@parterre.com.au in Sydney or (03) 9576 3022 or email melbourne@parterre.com.au in Melbourne.