Domani zinc column pots add a finishing touch to your projects. Domani use titanium-zinc plates soldered together with tin. Zinc contains 4% of silver, which makes it extremely durable. When zinc is exposed to humid air or water it will naturally oxidize. First the zinc will create a white powder to protect itself, then a light grey patina will appear.

HZZP1 40cmx 40cm x H:90cm $2775

HZZP2 40cm x 40 cm x H:120cm $3350

HZZP60 35cm x 35cm x H:60cm $2050

HZZP90 35cm x 35cm x H:90cm $2275

HZZP120 35cm x 35cm x H:120cm $3125

HZZP140 35cm x 35cmc H:140cm $3325

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