Samba Lounge Table

Small  - Priced at $1050

Dimensions : Ø50cm X Height 28cm

Large  - Priced at $1125

Dimensions : Ø50 X Height 35cm

"Low Table Samba exudes the GOMMAIRE Organic Living feeling, made of teak root in natural grey. The robust and natural root structure will warm up any area. The versatility of this piece is endless, place it next to your sun lounger, outdoor sofa or even inside it can find the perfect home. The Low Table Samba comes in two sizes, small and large. Combine both sizes for a playful touch.

Due to its natural character every piece is completely unique, that is what makes it so incredibly interesting and unique. With the right maintenance you'll enjoy this coffee table for years and years to come."

For more details on this product contact us on (02) 9310 7400 or

For more details on this product contact us on (02) 9310 7400 or email in Sydney or (03) 9576 3022 or email in Melbourne.