Melides Pot by Domani

Low priced at : $4,375

(size : Ø100cm x H:43cm) 

Small priced at : $4,375

(size : Ø84cm x H:65cm) 

Medium priced at : $8,400

(size : Ø84cm x H:75cm) 

Tall priced at : $11,075

(size : Ø84cm x H:95cm)

The Melides collection, a series of planters featuring soft organic shapes, tactile textures and subtle colour tones, marries Van Duysen’s sensorial and sensual expression with Domani’s handmade craftsmanship.

Delicate yet robust, traditional yet contemporary, the Melides collection of planters started out as an idea of a simple shape in Van Duysen’s mind. Working tirelessly to perfect the gently inward sloping curve of the design, Van Duysen created a form that bears references to nature, and to the organic works of Isamu Noguchi and Ellsworth Kelly. Its exterior, treated as if it were a skin, has been given an eroded, texturised character that mirrors its source of inspiration: Melides, a Portuguese coastal stretch abundant with nature.

Colours in Travertine, Cement, Khaki, Smoke.

For more details on this product contact us on (02) 9310 7400 or

For more details on this product contact us on (02) 9310 7400 or email in Sydney or (03) 9576 3022 or email in Melbourne.