Limited to 75

Measurements 21/8.5/27

Smile is a playful bronze sculpture with a deeper meaning, designed by Marc Caelenberghe. It can be considered an abstract autoportrait.

 The void where the eyes should be, represents two opposite thoughts, ideas. On the one hand, it symbolises the negative energy that disappears into it, in essence the things the artist wants to forget. On the other hand, it represents the many impressions, images, thoughts that Caelenberghe’s eyes have seen that made a significant impact on his life. The sculpture is designed in such a way that, no matter from which angle it’s viewed, the eyes seem to follow you.

Marc Caelenberghe is a Belgian sculptor who is particularly passionate about stone carving in Carrara marble and Belgian blue stone. In his words, stone carving requires a combination of creativity, craftmanship and skill. The stone needs to be worked in different ways in order to conquer it, it has a very strong will. Caelenberghe’s work is a reflection of his personal emotions. For the artist, stone carving feels like therapy, it’s an occupation that allows him to process daily experiences and to relax.

Available to order  02 9363 5874