Pinocchio and The Snob

$ 1,100 Pinocchio

$1,100 The Snob

Pinocchio is a well-known fictional character of an Italian children’s novel by the Italian author Carlo Collodi.  Pantaleo Musaro, an Italian ceramist, inspired by the tale and interested in psychology and human behaviour and character traits, created the ceramic figurine Pinocchio.  Pinocchio is part of a series of ceramic figurines that reflect different aspects of human nature. The series show us how humans try to hide their vulnerability by behaving in a certain way.

Sitting on a transparent bubble, with his nose in the air, Pinocchio represents someone who lives in his own world and who cannot distinguish fiction from reality. A plexiglass case puts emphasis on the figurine’s dissociation from the world. This artwork is hand sculpted in Italy, the nose is covered In 24 carat Venetian gold leaf.

 The pieces are delicately handcrafted in a fine ceramic.‎ The Pinocchio is sitting on a transparent bubble.‎ He is a manipulator of truth and the sculpture illustrates that our lives and careers are based on lies and falsehoods and that we are living on nothing, on a bubble of air.‎ The Snob on the other hand, with his attitude of superiority towards others and his haughty behaviour and the snobbish air is standing on its pedestal to look down on everyone.‎