Oki Vase

Designed by Sigolène Prébois and Catherine Lévy in 1991, the Oki Ichika Vase is considered as a classic today

Inspired by Japanese ikebana, this vase glorifies the beauty of flowers by isolating each one in a tube. Articulated with metal rings, the Oki Ichika Vase adapts its form to the flowers it displays and the support it is placed on, giving every person the pleasure of composing a beautiful flower arrangement.

The Oki Ichika vase has a metallic structure with12 Blown glass tubes fitted into zinc coated metal frame. You can arrange the components into various shapes and forms. From this starting point, you are able to rearrange the vase into diverse positions. As a contrast in forms, after removing one of the tubes from the chain, the two tail-ends can be joined to create a ring. The tubes may be independently detached from the suite in order to create autonomous segments. In this fashion, the vase can be shortened; or, by easily attaching two or more vases together, any extended length can be achieved. 

A few flowers is all it takes to adorn this signature vase.

Clean with a bottlebrush (and a little white vinegar to remove limestone deposits), or remove the tubes from the metal structure and pop them in the dishwasher (do NOT wash the metal structure in the dishwasher!). See our video for more. After using it in water, the metal gets oxidized: a “white rust” will appear. 

  • Height : 18 cm, Length : 24 to 69 cm. Test tube: Diameter : 5 cm. 12 tubes