Ninix Adjustable Lounge Table

From $8275

Royal Botania's NINIX range is a blissful contradiction of minimal and maximal. Minimal in its hairline finish design, and maximal in its delivery of luxury materiality and ergonomic comfort. 

This ingenious low table opens upward to convert heights for different occasions. It also features a built in ice bucket to provide absolute flexibility.

Length 150 cm x Width 105-171 cm x Height 40-62 cm

Available in:

- Electro Polished Stainless Steel (frame)

- Coated Stainless Steel (frame): White, Sand, Anthracite, or Bronze

- Glass (top): White, or Café Latté

- Ceramic (top): White, Bianco Statuario (*White Marble), Cemento, Taupe Grey (Travertine), Pearl Grey, Black, or Volcanic Black (Black Marble)

- Teak (top)

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