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Neste Italian Handmade Soap

Saponification is used to craft each exquisite soap bar - a traditional method that ensures a highly fragrant, long lasting soap. All ingredients are from sustainable sources and are free from petrochemicals, sulphates, synthetic surfactants, parabens and glycols. Made in Florence, Italy since 1947.

Once unwrapped use the fragrant Florentine paper as a drawer liner to scent you favourite linens. Free from mineral oils, parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates and synthetic surfactants. Certified vegan

Available in these luxurious Scents

Black- Black Soap takes inspiration from the legendary beauty, Cleopatra and her love of both Julius Caesar and Marco Antonio. Cleopatra gave great importance to the care of her body; her opulent daily bathing rituals in donkey milk are renowned, but only a few know she also cleansed her delicate skin with black soap to prevent wrinkles, soften the skin, and brighten her complexion. This opulent Black Soap is enriched with exhilarating patchouli, pink pepper, sensual hyacinth and fresh jasmine. The soap's deep cleansing action removes dead cells leaving skin smooth, firm and well-balanced

Pesca e Melone- Bold fruity notes of peach and fragrant melon capture the essence of summertime fruit. A generous 250gm soap bar created to tone, soften and moisturise. 

Olivo e Mandarino-  this generous 100% natural vegetable based soap bar bursts with fragrant notes of tangerine and olive oil.

Platinum-  A precious natural soap prepared with Platinum, the most precious of materials. Platinum, thanks to its beneficial qualities, has always been appreciated in ayurvedic medicine as a precious antioxidant that promotes healthy, firm skin. Enriched with intense notes of the absolute of Camelia Bella di Firenze and precious Granduca di Toscana White Jasmin. 

Zucca- A creamy oilive oil based formulation rich in active ingredients based on traditional Italian beauty formulas. pumpkin soap purifies whist maintaining the natural balance of your skin.

 Milano- Milan, Italy... a city much admired for its fashion and style. This stunning  soap pays homage to this ancient city. A tender combination of lily of the valley, oak moss and willow tree

Pomodoro- A cocktail of vitamins (A, B and C) that work together to give your skin a radiant, glowing complexion. The fragrance is a wonderful blend of fresh green tomatoes that will lift and invigorate the senses

 Iris- The floral emblem of Florence, Iris can be found growing abundantly in the Tuscan countryside. Enjoy Iris Soap with its soft powdery fragrance that leaves skin gently scented.

Papavera- The floral symbol for passion, the Poppy flower has inspired  a sensual soap that reflects the delicate nature of its namesake's petals. A gentle fragrance guaranteed to enthral the senses

Ginestra- A naturally abundant flower in the magnificent Tuscan countryside & Eolian Islands. Renowned for its intoxicating scent, the person who wears this fragrance is said to be irresistible! 

Sicilia- The sunny exuberance of white balconies overflowing with bougainvillea that overlook the calm sea.  Enriched with the exhilarating perfume sea salt and papyrus, a rare and precious tree that nowadays only grows on the Sicilian island of Ortigia

PortifinoConsidered the most beautiful port in the Italian Riveria, Portofino is a treasured holiday destination. Italy's Nesti Dante's pays homage to Portofino's enchanting Mediterranean bays and villages that burst with charm, culture and history. Awaken the senses with this soap scented with calming notes of rose water, flax and marine lily.

CapriClose your eyes and think about the best that Italy offers.  Vibrant notes of sweet orange blossom, juicy mandarin and fresh Italian basil capture the romance and passion of beautiful Capri.

VeneziaVenice, Italy... a city much admired for its beauty and charm. . Fragranced with a tender combination of delicate cotton flower, red geranium and rice cloud.

Pisa- Sensuous, fresh and invigorating, deliciously spontaneous and natural, imbued with the floral notes of magnolia, apricot blossom and lilac. 

De Ambra Papaver-  Ambra Papaver Soap reveals the mystic voluptuousness of red poppy. 

Carciofo- Inspired by the ancient 'Garden of Simples' in Florence, this soap features vitamin rich artichoke as the active ingredient. A true gourmet delight! 

Lattuga- A wonderfully refreshing bath time ally that features a hydrating formulation that will re-energise tired, dehydrated skin

Regina di Peonie- a floral inspired Regina de Peonie offers an exhilarating tribute to peony... the floral symbol of optimism and eternal beauty.

Florence - a city adored by many and considered the cradle of the Italian renaissance. From such a place comes the beautiful  Firenze soap. Featuring notes inspired by the floral emblem Florence - the sensual blue iris and classic laurel. These two evocative botanicals blend together to create a sparkling fragrance rich in vitality and energy.

Rome- a city boasting history, culture, government and art. The magnificent vistas and historic monuments of this great world city are the inspiration of this aromatic soap featuring of sweet notes of fig, combined with the warm touch of muscat and oleander in bloom.

Sardegna- Inspired by the beautiful island of Sardegna, this zesty Nesti Dante soap bar is bursting with botanical notes of flora found on the island... myrtle nectar, lentiscus and helycrisium. 

Cypress-Studding the hills surrounding Florence, the Cypress tree has long been admired for its fresh, invigorating scent.  this Tuscan icon in a generous soap designed to invigorate the senses. Long lasting and evenly fragranced with invigorating notes of Italian cypress.

Fig & AlmondA best seller this olive oil based soap is inspired by Tuscan orchards. Enriched with almond protein to soften and soothe the skin, this soap is beautifully blended with notes of green fig

Fico della Signoria Soap offers an intense and enchanting fragrance blend of green fig with the vigorous notes of its leaves and the warm sensuality of the frangipani petals.

Cucumber-A natural hydrating cleansing bar Features a vegetable base that produces a rich lather to gently cleanse skin Formulated with Cucumber Extract an active ingredient for hydrating properties

Violetta- During the Renaissance it was said that sweet Violet concealed her secret temptation & symbolised love. The revelation of this mystery is an elixir of sweet alluring keys that are so irresistible. A seductive fragrance that not only radiates passion but also symbolises the approaching spring. 

Pomegranate & Blackcurrant- This refreshing soap is full of the natural goodness of anti-oxidant rich blackcurrants & the hydrating qualities of juicy pomegranates.

Cedro & Bergamotto-  A fresh interpretation of classic citrus notes instantly awaken the senses.

Lago Como- Inspired by a summer afternoon on Italy's beautiful Lake Como, where the sun's reflections on the lake & the sensual scents of hyacinth, jasmine & crocus pistils create a perfect harmony. The sunny exuberance of white balconies overflowing the bougainvillea that overlook the calm sea. 

Menta e Pera Cotogna- A fresh prelude of mint with its purifying properties, together with the zesty note of th quince pear, leave the skin smooth fresh and deeply generated.

Black Cherry & red berries- Bursting with natural goodies of anti-oxidant rich black cherries & the hydrating qualities of juicy red berries.

Sapone alla carota- A bath time treat of vegetable goodness

LavandaInspired by a journey through the perfumes and colours of the Florentine Hills, this richly hydrating lavender soap will soothe the body and calm the mind.

Black Cherry / Red Berries
Olive Oil and Tangerine Soap
Tuscan Lavender
Regina Di Peonie
Pomodoro Tomato
Pomegranate and Blackcurrant
Platinum Soap
Peach and Melon Soap
Papavero Poppy
Fico della Signora
Cedro and Bergamotto
De Ambra Papaver
Fig / Almond
Menta and Pera Cotogna
Lago di Como
Limone Zagara
Luxury Black Soap
Zucca Pumpkin