Cuprum Pot by Royal Botania

Cuprum Round Planter

size : Ø52cm x H:28cm    $1,725

size : Ø62cm x H:32cm    $2,300

size : Ø70cm x H:39cm    $3,050

size : Ø90cm x H:49cm    $4,775

size : Ø110cm x H:56cm    $POA

size : Ø140cm x H:66cm    $POA

size : Ø170cm x H:76cm    $POA

size : Ø200cm x H:86cm    $POA

Cuprum Cube Planter

size : 70 x 70 x H:52cm   $4575

size : 90 x 90 x H:62cm   $6975

size : 110 x 110 x H:72cm   $POA

size : 140 x 140 x H:84cm   $POA 

Introducing Cuprum, our luxury planter collection designed by Jan Buelens. With technical expertise and a passion for design and plants, Jan’s innovative approach to blending materials and shapes has resulted in a stunning collection. Each detail is the fruit of his creative energy, making these planters true works of art. 

Brass Round Planter

Our Brass Round Planter is available in sizes up to two meters in width, with larger models designed to be easily handled by a forklift.

Featuring our innovative lightweight design, Cuprum planters are perfect for enhancing terraces and indoor spaces. For indoor use, it’s important to ensure that the stainless steel drainage is closed, while for outdoor use, it should be left open. Choose the Brass Round Planter to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any indoor or outdoor environment.

Brass Cube Planter

Our Brass Cube Planter is expertly crafted to meet our exacting standards for quality, design, and functionality. Available in four sizes—70cm, 90cm, 110cm, and 140cm (which can be handled by a forklift)—this square-shaped planter is perfect for outdoor use or indoor decoration.

The lightweight design allows for easy manoeuvrability, while the stainless steel drainage should be closed for indoor use and left open for outdoor use. Choose the Brass Cube Planter to elevate the aesthetic of any space, indoors or out.

Colours in Weathered Brass, Gold Brass.

For more details on this product contact us on (02) 9310 7400 or

For more details on this product contact us on (02) 9310 7400 or email in Sydney or (03) 9576 3022 or email in Melbourne.