Shape 1 : $4550

(size : 73cmx 46cm x H:45cm) 

Shape 2 :$16000

(size :168cm x 100cm x H:45cm) 

Shape 3 :$15500

(size : 175cm x 71cm x H:45cm) 

Shape 4 :$15050

(size : 192cm x 62cm x H:45cm) 

Shape 5 : $14250

(size : 89cm x 165cm x H:45cm) 

The Garden Labyrinth Zinc at Domani is a Modular planter in zinc. Available in 5 modules of sizes and shapes, Labyrinth allows to create a monumental set of planters. Labyrinth allows you to match his own square of urban gardener. Plants, plants or vegetable plantations, planters Labyrinth welcome in their generous spaces of plantations, each type of planting to become urban garden or city garden. Made from zinc antigelif and shock resistant, these planters are majestic and incredibly design with their curved lines. A solution of original landscaping and out of the ordinary by the Belgian brand that leash mouth gaping!

For more details on this product contact us on (02) 9310 7400 or

For more details on this product contact us on (02) 9310 7400 or email in Sydney or (03) 9576 3022 or email in Melbourne.