Cloud catching, Moon Staring, Stars Picking

$17,800 each IN STORE NOW

Ann Vrielinck (1966) commenced her artistic education with plastic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bruges. Following four years of further studies at the Dan Van Severen Studio, she obtained a higher degree at the St-Lucas School of Arts in Ghent (1988). She now teaches visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bruges in addition to orchestrating workshops. Vrielinck is also trained in the restoration of paintings and ceramics.

 Stars Picking Edition limited to 49  L: 60cm x W:35cm x H: 220cm

 Cloud Catching Limited to 49 L: 32cm x W: 29cm x H: 197cm

 Moon Staring Edition limited to 49 L: 43cm x W: 22cm x H: 180cm


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