Häringe table by Skargaarden

Small $3500 Black stainless steel frame & teak W:85 x D:85cm x H:72.5cm

Small $3,300 Brushed Stainless Steel frame & teak

Medium $5,00 Black stainless steel frame w/ teak

Medium $4,800 Brushed Stainless Steel frame w/ teak W:170cm x D:85cm x H:72m

Large $6,600 Black stainless steel frame w/teak

Large $5,800 Brushed stainless steel frame w/teak W:214cm X D:85cm X H:72cm

Lounge table small $2600 Black frame w/teak W:85cm x D:95cm x H:72cm

Lounge table sml $2500 Brushed stainless steel frame w/teak

Lounge table Large $3600 Black frame w/teak W:148cm x D:85cm x H:40cm

Lounge table Large $3400 Brushed stainless steel frame w/teak

Häringe by Skargaarden, designed by Carl Jägnefelt & Joacim Wahlström. Häringe Castle nestles by Landfjärden Bay. It had stood there for 272 years when Torsten Kreuger purchased it in 1929. Torsten was a man with little understanding of historically listed buildings and a keen interest for new fashions. He quickly installed a fridge in the kitchen, a skittle alley in one of the wings and Sweden’s first outdoor swimming pool in the castle gardens. Over time, the castle became a jet-set haunt where one could see both Josephine Baker and Greta Garbo. Decadent? Perhaps a bit. Fashionable? To some extent. If you were to design a piece of furniture according to the same principles, you could base it on solid traditions with precise, balanced lines. To the classic, original design you might add a decadent playfulness and a very relaxed way of relating to luxury. This was what we did when we developed the range of dining furniture we call Häringe. Greta Garbo would have been the perfect accessory. But it works with any mysterious beauty in dark sunglasses.

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