Exes Dining Table

Priced from $5450


120cm diameter x 75cmH    from $5,775

160cm diameter x 75cmH    from $8,995


220 cm x 120 cm x 75 cmH  from $9,450 

300 cm x 120 cm x 75cmH   from $11,525


250 cm x 130 cm x 75 cmH   from $13,050

320 cm x 140 cm x 75cmH    from $14,295

The Exes Dining table features a spectacular tripod option with all three legs intersecting at one point halfway between the ground and the tabletop.  This supports a 120 or 160 cm round top.

The other option has four legs to match with an elliptical top of 250 cm or 320 cm or rectangular tops of 220 cm or 300 cm.  All these tops come in a choice of ceramics of different colours and all but the 320 cm elliptical top are also available in teak.

Frames are available in black, bronze, white and sand coated aluminium. 

All items are suitable for use in residential and contract projects,

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