Pintade 2020

Hand Painted French Pintades by artisan Heidi Caillard from Lussan, her picturesque walled medieval village in Provence, France was the inspiration for Heidi's creations. All of Heidi's ceramics are formed by hand and painted to a very high standard. Each unique creation is much much more than just a decorative object... each piece is a work of art - highly collectible and to be enjoyed and admired for life

Pintades are available in small, medium or large in 12 different colourways

(Grey with white)

(White with Grey)

(Blue with white)

(White with green)

(white with black)

(Grey with yellow)

(Blue with lavender)

(Grey with cobalt)

(Black with white)

(White with burgundy)

(white with Forest green)

(Solid burgundy with white)



Sage Green
Forest Green
White & Black
Grey & white
Blue & Lavendar
Grey & Cobalt
Black & white
White & burgandy
Grey & Yellow
Cobalt & White
Burgundy & white
White & Grey


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