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Raffaella Benetti was born in Canaro
(Rovigo) in 1961. She studied
philosophy at the University of
Ferrare and attended courses in
Architecture and Art for the liturgy
at the Pontifical Athenaeum of
St. Anselm in Rome where she began
a course of research on the Icon
and Byzantine. In 1995 she started
her artistic formation through various
fields of contemporary art, from
paintings to sculptures and she made
progress in the research on colour
and light which has led her to
experiment with valuable materials
like gold and silver. In the European
centre of Venice, for the preservation
of crafts of the architectural patrimony
she has learned old gilding techniques,
like they once were used for
sculptures and paintings.
Raffaella has made both individual and
group exhibitions. Her work appears
both in private and public collections.

Librarsi is 43 cm tall.

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